Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Apparently, It's This Guy's Birthday

Landon informed me at 7 am that today was Fike Fike's Birthday. So, he made him a cake (out of paper). All the other oddly named stuffed animals came and we had ourselves a party.

They told us at preschool this week that Landon plays as a younger child would play. In other words, he's immature for his age. They weren't saying this to be critical... just doing a kindergarten readiness conversation. If you ask me, Landon plays just right, thank you very much. We have actually recorded him in his room at night. His imagination is amazing. He has conversations for hours with himself, often playing the role of a sweet, gentle father puppy. His play usually involves family or friendship reenactments. Last night he and his puppies got together and had a meeting about clouds. Riveting. It's funny to listen to him. I love this about Landon.

Stay little for as long as you want my sweet boy. And Happy Birthday Fike Fike.


Angie said...

I love this about Landon too!!! He makes me smile! I wish I could have come to Fike Fike's party. Tell Landon that I will bring him a carrot. (o:

Tisha said...

Oh Shannon. He sounds like an amazing little boy and who would want to change that?

Toevs said...

Happy Birthday, Fike Fike!