Monday, April 14, 2008

This Will Get Me Some Readers...

Today I sat down with Craig and asked him some questions about his animal attraction to me. I wanted to give my readers some insight into our relationship. Let's just say it's some racy commentary. PG13.

S:What attracted you to me?
C:Your winning personality
S: When did you decide that you wanted to date me?
C: The second that I began to stare and watch your behavior
S: What's your favorite thing about me?
C:All your cash
S: What's your least fav thing about me?
C: You don't like convertables
S: What surprised you to learn about me after we got married?
C:You are the princess and the pea
S:Aren't you sad about all those ugly girls you kissed before me?
C:I never answer questions like this


Kathy said...

You are a natural born blogger! I just read the past 7 or so and YOU CRACK ME UP! I think it is neat how you catagorize them. It is great to have those stories from years ago written down (ok-that sounded old) but I think it is very cool. Keep writing. :)

Mama Joe said...

Keep them coming, Shaybe!!