Friday, May 30, 2008

Baby Corban

This picture would be much better if I had Photoshop. I actually do have Photoshop, but can't load it onto my computer. Grrrrr. Please God, send me a new computer in the mail. I promise to stop cursing at the neighbors for parking on my new grass and I will make meals on wheels for all my wonderful friends who have recently had babies.


Jim and Jaena said...

We like pasta, chicken, beef...just about anything, actually. (Just in case that computer thing works out.) :)

Will you take beautiful photos of my baby too???? I'll pay big money! (Well, I'll pay money; maybe not "big money." Depends on what you consider "big" money, I guess.)

Shannon said...

Of course I'll take photos of your babies. Please let me! First you have to let me hold him. : )

Call me, we can set up an appointment.