Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dear Mama Bird

I see you in your nest. WIth your feathers all so pretty.
You've been with those babies a long time.
Days and days.
In. That. Same. Nest.

Do they ever get full?

I know, gas is so expensive you may as well stay home.
No other birds have come to see you in a long time.
Your bird friends should be ashamed.

How many times can you do the laundry and dust until it starts feeling boring?
While Daddy's gone "working".
I mean "finding worms".

They are cute babies.
So cute.

But your friends should come visit.
You'd take pictures and feed them well.

Wouldn't you?

Mama bird, you remind me of someone.
I just can't put my finger on it.

Love, Shannon


Toevs said...

Hmmm... could it be YOU? :-)

So, if I came over would you take pictures of my kids and feed me well? :-)

Jim and Jaena said...

If that mama bird would just ask, I bet her friends would TOTALLY come visit her, even with the price of gas. Or meet up somewhere for a play date with kids.

I thought you were talking about me there for a minute...

Angie said...

count me in!