Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Not One More Thing

Craig asked me today, "What do you want for Mothers Day?"

For the first time ever I didn't already have a list prepared. With underlines, numbers, specific directions. I didn't have a "wish" list.

"What do I want?" I thought. "If I went around the world tonight and asked other Mothers- what would they ask for? I bet many would have a list much different than mine."

In Haiti, famine fills the land and mothers today are feeding their babies cookies made out of mud. At Riley Hospital tonight a mother waits as her daughter sleeps in severe pain, not knowing what tomorrow holds. Mothers in Africa hold sick children while they fade away because of political unrest and unavailable medical help. Mothers in my neighborhood raise their kids alone because the father has found somewhere else to live. The list goes on and on.

Tonight while I write this, I have two healthy little red head boys snug in their beds. Tonight, I do not know why God has chosen to bless me in this way. Thank you God for my blessings. For our health, food, shelter, freedom, and opportunities. We are richly blessed.

I don't want one more thing. This is a happy Mother's Day.


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My first thought was to comment saying, "Amen". Then I saw that Mama Joe already said that. So I echo her... Amen.