Friday, May 30, 2008

What Would You Do?

The tornado sirens are going off. It's after 11 pm. Both kids are sleeping like angels.

Option A: Wake them up and huddle in our downstairs bathroom while Landon thinks it's morning and asks for a bowl of cereal. He would totally do that!
Option B: Figure it will all blow over and leave them alone.
Option C: Figure it will all blow over, but second guess this decision and decide to stay up until I know we are all ok. Eat chocolate Chex Mix and blog several irrelevant posts- which I guess should be the name of my blog, aren't they all irrelevant?


Tisha said...

Hey girl

I saw on the news last night that a tornado was close to you. I prayed for you and hope you guys are ok!

Beth said...

This very situation happened when I was in 8th grade. My mom didn't wake us up. We were OK. But, my best friend's house, about ten miles away, was leveled. I guess it's a crap shoot.

Toevs said...

Hanging out in the downstairs bathroom isn't fun... I know, that's what we did. And while we were in there, everyone had to use the toilet. Fun!