Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cooking With Shannon

Like my apron? My wonderful mother made this for me. I like wearing aprons. They make me feel important. Don't I look like I'm about to whip up something impressive?

I haven't asked Mom, but I'm sure she'd love to trade her hand made apron for something you've made. Yes you, Victoria. Or Janice. Or all you other talented people. Mom has an array of aprons- she let me pick because I'm her favorite oldest daughter.

Here's Spencer, making fun of my posing.

In honor of our country's Independence, I stretched myself and figured out a way to use 6 sticks of butter in one recipe. Tomorrow I shall share it will all my lucky friends.


Mary Dawn said...

i'm am so a fan of that apron, right on shannon's mom

Mary Dawn said...

and seriously, hasn't 18 years passed since we were in high school? because not so much at your house!