Monday, August 25, 2008

Too Much Drama For Your Mama.

In the dark recesses of my sock drawer, today I found this story I wrote for Spencer. It was after the first week of school last year- which would have been second grade. He was being very sensitive and had every complaint in the book. Finally one night, as all good mothers do, I realized the humor in it all and wrote him this story for his lunch box.
I even illustrated the story but for now you will have to close your eyes and imagine your own pictures.

Spencer's Very Bad, Very Sad Week
written by his mother.

Spencer W's back to school week really did stink!

On Sunday... he couldn't sleep not one little wink!
His blankets and Livie, in one big heap!

On Monday things didn't get any better. His head felt "weird" and his big toe hurt.

Tuesday was the pits! His Mom made him eat a whole spoon of green beans. Nasty!

On Wednesday he was so upset he quit bells and then started back up with bells. Then out of nowhere, he fell off his stool.

On Thursday his bus driver made his sit by a girl- Oh my.

last page: Dear Spencer, I hope your week gets better starting with today . I love you. Love, Mom


Keetha said...

And did it? Did his week get better after that?

Shannon said...

Oh yes, it got much better. He did NOT like my story though. He said the pictures didn't look like him.

Mama Joe said...

You are the best mom every.

Shannon said...

you are so wrong about that one. So wrong.

Wanda said...

That is so stinkin cute!
I love it!

Way to go mom.....put things in perspective....we have to laugh at life.

My family gets totally bummed too when school starts!

We were meant to stay around home all year round.....who needs that rat-race?

Shannon said...

We just have to look at things with a sense of humor. Sometimes I forget to do that. Thanks for stopping by.