Sunday, September 7, 2008

Here We Go...

The topic tonight at bedtime... birds and bees and what happens when birds and bees get together. Thankfully, Daddy, the Child and Adolescent Therapist goes over the details.

Can someone please come over and hold my hand?

As I eavesdrop, I have never heard Craig say the words... breast and vagina so many times in one setting. Wow, this is weird.

As with all my shortcomings, I blame my Mother. Her idea of the "birds and the bees" involved a spaghetti party where we skim over the part where "Aunt Martha" comes to visit. Completely ignoring the part where "Uncle Ken gets-to-know Aunt Martha". I still have so many questions. Mom, call me.

Let's stop talking about this.

Look, here's Rob- with panty hose on his head. That Rob, he's so crazy.


Keetha said...

Was that picture of Rob taken out at camp?

Shannon said...

yes! that's camp. : )

Keetha said...

Thought so.

I've been MIA because of our vacation for the past few summers, but I keep hoping our timing will get better one of these years and I'll be back - - -