Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Jan Sass!

photo removed to protect the innocent

Today is my friend Janice's birthday. Our friendship has weathered many storms. Like the time in '94 when we almost got in a fist fight at Broadripple. Yeah, you know what you did. Janice is like the tortes and I'm the hare. I dance circles around her while she slowly and methodically plans out her attack. She's great at keeping her mouth shut. While I'm blab, blab, blabbing along- she's quiet and careful. But she does have her weaknesses. Sometimes she holds it all in for so long, she just vomits it all out (and more). Like the time she said, "Yeah, you remember when none of us girls liked you?" I was all, "NO! I don't remember that!" Awkward. We worked through it, along with a million other hiccups. I've laughed with her, cried with her, gossiped with her, cleaned her house, and evan yelled at her. We are a lot like sisters.

Love you Jan. I hope when I'm your age I'm as wise as you. Happy Birthday. Sorry for the less than stellar photo. It's just... you moved away. I never see you anymore. It's all I had. Maybe if you come and visit SOMETIME THIS YEAR I can take a better one.

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Jan Sass said...

I'm soooo sad that you removed my wonderful photo!! Thanks for your ode :) We sure have been through alot and have come out great friends in the end. Thanks for all you have done for me over the past few years. It does not go unnoticed even though I don't always say "thanks". I love your blog, you are a very talented writer. Though I do think you have much better embarassing moments than the one posted :) I love you and miss you and you guys could come visit us too ya know!