Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Driverse License Branch, Why You Be Hatin' on Me?

Today I went to our local license branch. It did not go well. I will spare you the details. I will say at one point it involved long toenails and those soccer shower shoes. Oh, and my son pointing. Oh, and cursing. But not by me. At least not out loud. At one point we left because the computers were down. Because I was bound and determined to get my license renewed, we went and hung out at McDonald's. To appease the natives.

Guess what, playland was closed. So, we had our tasty McDonald's and returned to the license branch. There "L" touched and rubbed every surface available. Tomorrow I'm sure we will break out with Hoof and Mouth Disease as well as pink eye.

Twenty something dollars and 3 hours later I walked out with a license. The thing that bothers me the most is not the hoof and mouth disease, or toe fungus on a 38 degree day. I wasn't so upset by the lady in front of me who seriously coughed so much she started gagging. The big bite of the whole day was my photo.

I have a long history of bad license photos. Two licenses ago my photo was so bad, friends would gasp. With this past experience I decided to prepare. So today I washed my hair, even though it was a "no hair wash" day. And, I wore my best shirt. You know, the one that looks like you didn't try that hard, but "dang she looks good". I posed in the mirror. Chin out, head down, tilted to the left, breath in, smile slightly. I was prepared. This was gonna be my year.

So, when I went to pose for the ever so friendly lady, I did all these things. I did. So why is it my picture looks like a 12 year old preteen boy who has had way too many Twinkies and refuses to participate in gym class because his knees hurt? Why people? Every single day until the year 2012 I will have to look at this photo. Those are four years I can never get back. Why? Why?


Kathy said...

I had such issues with the BVM when we moved here I now drive to Fairmount and schedule my week to go there as they are only open 2 days a week out of protest. I SO feel your pain! I have to go before april 8 to get new licenses too since we moved I am psyching myself up already.

Shannon said...

At least you didn't fail the driving test like I did when we moved here. That was pretty embarrassing and we couldn't re-take the test until the next day. I'm sure your pic is not as bad as you thought.

Angie said...

Your picture really isn't THAT bad... HEHEHEHE!

Beth said...

I almost spit my coffee on my computer when I read the preteen twinkie part. You're funny.

Vickie said...

Well I finally got around to reading your blog! I love it......in fact your BMV experience sparked a fire for me to post my recent trip to the health clinic downtown....I call these Grant County Encounters! I've had many at the BMV! I know what you mean when you say you didn't cuss outloud! I feel your pain sister!! Have an awesome Spring Break...I'm jealous! ha