Saturday, April 26, 2008

Anybody Need Any Allergy Relief Or How About Some Gummy Vitamins?

Recently I have been really getting into a website called It's a complicated system of using coupons, buying what's only on sale- and sometimes even making a little money. Craig says I'm acting like a scavenger- he's not sold on the whole thing yet. I'm not sure how long I can keep it up, but for now it's fun. I don't get into it as much as the lady from the site, but I'm doing pretty good. I don't buy stuff we wouldn't use (or give away) and I don't buy junk food- even if it's free.

I'm also having fun over at working on a frugal cooking menu for my next grocery visit.

Freebies this week...

Yesterday at Blockbuster I got: family movie night (including two movies, bucket of popcorn, and two pops. Since I'm in their club and this was my 5th movie this month- I got a free video game rental and another coupon popped out for a free movie next time in. I have no idea how that worked. All in all I got $25.00 worth of stuff for free.

Including Blockbuster, this week I've got approximately $90 worth of stuff for free- with coupons! I would say that isn't typical- it was just a good week.

With the money I saved, I can afford to get an entire outfit from Anne Taylor Loft- plus stop on the way for a diet coke. Some would say this is inconsistent with my new frugal lifestyle. I say, "Yep".


Tisha said...

Wow, Shannon... great job! I just got done with our garage sale and sold a bunch of our FREE CVS things and made a little over $70. I love moneysavingmom.

Beth said...

Make sure you check out
That got me addicted to couponing...if that's a real word.


Owlhaven said...

That's not inconsistent in my book. I find it very worthwhile to be frugal in some areas of my life so that I can have more choice in other areas. I say good for you....