Friday, June 27, 2008

Family Tree

On a grassy, green hill- near creeks and lakes and cliffs, springs and fields- stands this tree. It was planted by my Great-Grandfather. If you look closely you can see a flat, wooden swing. Many kids have swung from that swing. And even a few grown-ups.

My Mamaw Hazel (his daughter) grew up in the house by this swing. Her Mother died when she was young and so Mamaw "Hazie" was left to care for her siblings as well as her father. Soon after, she married and had 9 children of her own. Dark brown kind eyes. Her only fault... believing her children could do no wrong. All of her life has been about her family. And her life still is all about her family. When the weather is warm, she sits on her porch swing and waits for her kids and grandkids to come visit. She has never cared for material things. As long as she had food to feed anyone who comes to visit- she's happy.

I wish I was more like her.


Jody said...

Yeaaaaa!!!!! I am so glad that I get to read your blog again. You created quite the stir in Marion. :)

Beth said...

Is it Mammoth Caves?

Tisha said...

Your back... YEAH!!!! Did you go to Mammouth caves??? Is that the answer to $2???

Toevs said...

Glad you're I don't feel so rejected. I thought you shut me out. I feel better.