Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Have You Ever?

Have you ever mistaken laxatives for sinus medicine? Neither have I. But someone in my house did. Let me tell you, something's loose alright and it isn't his sinuses.

Right before this episode Craig was making fun because his college GPA was higher than mine. I could be spiteful and vindictive and remind him of that- but I'll just let it pass. Get it, "Let it pass". Ha. Ha.

I told him this was definitely going on the blog. Until my Dad sees this post and makes me remove it. He likes Craig more than me.

You do too Daddy, I can tell.

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Heidi said...

Shannon, Everyone should read your blog! It's so witty and fun... and I can hear your soft KY accent as I read it. Your content mostly makes me laugh till I cry. What a beautiful gift. If you're up towards Chicago, please give me a call.