Monday, July 14, 2008

Name Dropper

I've always been a name dropper. One time when I lived in Chicago I knew this girl that was an extra in some movie. I can't remember the movie or the girl's name, but I still tell people I knew someone who was in a movie. Oh, and one time my Mom and I saw a bunch of women running through a store in Chicago chasing Sylvester Stalone. So now I tell people I saw women chasing a celebrity. Never saw the celebrity- but I was pretty close to seeing a celebrity.

Anyway, today I was watching CMT. Yes, Country Music Television. It was on ok. I saw this preview for Mabe in America. It caught my eye because Mabe is my maiden name. The guy on the show's name was Tom Mabe. Hmmm. That sounds familiar. So, I called my Mom.

me: "Mom, what's Daddy's brothers name?"
Mom: "oh, I forgot to tell you, Tom Mabe, and he has a show and you act just like him. You know, you're crazy like that"

So I watched the show. He is kinda funny. Better at improv than scripted. But Mom, I act like that? No. The only thing I MAY have in common are my bug eyes, big head, and we both own remote control fart machines. WHICH WAS A GIFT FROM MY SISTER.

I don't know if I'd recommend the show- but as his niece, I find it kinda interesting.

I do think my cousin Jennifer looks and acts just like him.

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