Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Country Club

I called my friend today and offered to take her daughter to the country club. Her response was...

"You don't seem to be a country club kind of girl"

Ok, let's stop this post right now. What in the tar hill is that supposed to mean? I'm not country club? I am soooo country club I can't stand myself. Are you insinuating that I am hillbilly? Is this about my famous uncle? Are you people jealous because I'm on the verge of becoming popular and may one day get-to-know my uncle and be on his show? It could happen.

5 reasons I am so country club:
1. I own two (2) pair of silver shoes- one flat, one pump.
2. I hold my pinky out when I drink my Polar pops.
3. I eat fillet Mignon (Aldis, frozen foods section 1.99)
4. I drink my tea out of country club glasses. I do.
5. When I go to fancy hotels I never bring home their shampoos or soaps. Just their towells.

See, there's your evidence, I am country club. I am.


Angie said...

You are so country club type...just like I am! Our favorite store is TJ Max and that my friend makes us totally country club to the MAX! (o:

Toevs said...

Oh, you are so country club in you big hat and hollywood sunglasses. You can my daughters with you to the country club anytime. :-)

sheri2names said...

Well, it's my daughter who went to the country club with Shannon, the closet country clubber.

And this daughter -- with the same name as a top women's golfer -- loves golf, gets a hole in one on the first hole of mini golf every time, even though she holds the putter wrong. (Don't ask about the following holes.) She's born for country clubs.

A REAL country club girl would say, "Pish-posh on the pool. Let's hit the links." Does she say this? No.

And a REAL country club boy would say, "Oh how right you are, dahl-ing. Let's meet at the clubhouse at 1-ish." Did Shannon's sprout say this? No.

Those two didn't even spend the bulk of the time swimming. Instead, they examined the Japanese beetles in the bug trap.

Yup, sign up my kid for the country club, too. When she tires of the beetles, maybe she'll show 'em something on that first hole.