Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another Step Towards Adult-hood And Parental Abandonment

The day finally came on Monday for Landon to get his kindergarten shots. The waiting room was stuffed to the brim with sweaty 5 year olds and their sweaty parents. One by one kids came out from the shot room- happy as a lark. I'd say, "see, it must not be too bad, she's acting just fine". With each child, my anxiety for Landon lessoned.

Then it came to be Landon's turn. And he flipped out. Not just a little bit flipped, totally flipped. Imagine the sound of a hungry baby cougar in the wild that has lost his home to evil man, due to urban sprawl. That was the sound Landon made- through 4 shots.

3 days later, as a sign of the Lord's provision, Landon is still wearing his badges of honor- the band-aids.

This morning we are going for him to get tested for kindergarten. I've been through this before. She will tell me he has poor small motor skills and didn't know the answers to a lot of their questions. He can't write his name and couldn't point to the cow. (Inspite of 3 years of pre-school).

And I'll say, "Oh you mean like a 5 year old boy who just wants to play with friends all day?"

But I won't be concerned. This child is smart. He'll be fine. He does know what a cow is, he's just refusing to play her kindergarten mind games. She'll see. He'll be fine.


Jay and Tammy Tropf said...

That is so sad! Did Paul do that to him? Poor kid

Angie said...

He certainly will be fine!!!! SMART boy...duh he knows every animal speciman and their scientific name as well! (o:

Mama Joe said...

Those Kgarten tests are rigged. I'd be worried if our super intelligent and all-around incredible boys answered all of their questions. It just wouldn't be right.