Sunday, August 3, 2008

Party at Camp

Recently Craig celebrated his 40th birthday. I told him I had gotten him a kitten. He was not happy about that. But I was just messing with him. I love to do that. That's why he likes me so much. I entertain him. Get your mind out of the gutter. Why do you always have to go there? What I'm saying is that I am so much fun to live with. Constant party- that's what I am.

Spencer has my sense of humor. He had Craig totally convinced that he was getting a kitty. It's scary how good he was at tricking Craig. That boy. Where'd he get all those shenanigans?

Some of our friends went together and got Craig this picnic table. We blind folded him and brought him the table with a Dairy Queen ice cream cake on top. How fun is that! I love our friends. And ice cream cake.

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Tisha said...

Happy Birthday Craig!!!!!!