Friday, August 15, 2008

Celebrate Good Times Come On!

There's a party going on right here. Because I just found out I'm accepted into Graduate School.


Keetha said...


Details, details!!! Your new adoring public doesn't know WHAT graduate school nor any of the REST of you plans.

BTW - - - at school today I TOLD Michael that you wanted to adopt him. I think he's interested!! Hehehehehehehe

Shannon said...


Finally, somebody likes to talk as much as I do.

Ball State University
Special Education/ Applied Behavior Analysis with a certificate in Autism. Fancy words for saying "Behavior Specialist"

Thanks for asking.

Mary Dawn said...

yay you!

Keetha said...

I knew it would be something in education.

Hey - - - my youngest is over there, and he's ALL CONFUSED about what truth is - - - so if you HAPPEN to run into him (I know - - - NO CHANCE in that big place - - - but hey, GOD is bigger!!) give him some truth lovin', ok??? His name is Kyle.

BTW - - - if you WANT to adopt him, I'm open to discussions.

YES - - - I agree about the talking part. My FAVE part of blogging is when people INTERACT with me in comments.

Shannon said...


Yes it's education- sort of. But, I'm not a teacher! Psych major. Go figure.

Jay and Tammy Tropf said...

Did you not get my message yesterday? I asked what major? where? I CARE TOO, SHANNON!!! HAHAH

sheri2names said...

So now, if I misbehave, you'll know the proper diagnosis for it.


Tisha said...

Congrats Shannon this is great! What do you want to do with it?

Heidi said...


beckyboo said...

Great Job Shannon. All that stress and worry over the summer paid off. Congrats!