Friday, August 15, 2008

Let Me Tell You About My Grandchildren, My Skin Disease, And My Neighbor's Cousin Who Knows Somebody Who Got Pregnant With A Turkey Baister

Ok. I'm talking about it.

I've got poison ivy.

And it itches. For 3 weeks it itches.

I obtained a steroid off the black market- but it was only a 3 day supply. So, for three days I stopped itching- but grew facial hair, bulked up, and picked fights with random strangers.

She said: "What you looking at?"
Random stranger said: "Uh, I was just looking at the price tag on the loaf of bread."
She said: "Good, let's keep it that way."

Now I'm still itching, steroid is gone, I have no friends left, and I can't find my tweezers.

What would you do?


Keetha said...

I'd march myself right down to the ER today and see Greggie Broyles and let him help you with that PI problem. He's GREAT, and being a fellow sufferer, he will make sure you get enough meds to end the itchy rash and dry it right up.

He works until 4 today, So don't delay!! (Do you like the rhyme? I did THAT on purpose.)

PS - - - Did you get your MGH Vigor magazine? Well - - - don't THROW IT AWAY until you read the AMAZING article about the girl whose life was saved by a now famous ER PA - - - - go on - - - go look!!!

Shannon said...

Does he like it when strangers call him Greggie?

No, I don't get Vigor. Or I would go look right now.

Keetha said...

If you live in this county - - - you get Vigor. You probably throw it away with all the OTHER junk mail. I'll find ours and blog about it - - - don't know why I haven't done that already, it's pretty cool what my little ole hubby did which made the magazine.

BTW - - - I ONLY AIM TO PLEASE - - - so I've changed your moniker in my links list - - - look again.

Shannon said...

That is so funny! Is your hubby a doctor?

sheri2names said...

So if I come out to your house and a gorilla answers the door, am I to assume that it's really you?

If you laugh, the steroids have worn out. If you snarl, I'll know that they're still pumpin'

Toevs said...

i read the vigor mag... i would go see greggie.