Friday, May 30, 2008

I Always Got Picked Last

The other day I was directing a group of kids. "Go that way, down the hall-all of you". I raised my left hand and made grand gestures... like an air traffic controller. As I did this, I noticed a certain jiggle of my muscles in my arm. (Well, I guess technically I should NOT call it "muscles".) "What in the world?! Why is my body doing this, I'm so fit. This is surprising!"

Lucky for me, my coworker Mr. Holt - who also owns a local gym was standing nearby. "Oh," he said, "I've got just the thing. Sit on the edge of this chair." So in front of all of 3rd grade he demonstrated how I should do these arm exercises.

Tonight I did 10 of these exercises.

That should do the trick. Right? Cause I don't like to sweat.


Jim and Jaena said...

Mr Holt was my gym teacher in elementary/jr high at Lakeview. Does he still have that awesome mustache?

Toevs said...

Let me know if 10 does the trick. If it does, I want to learn that exercise. :-)