Sunday, July 20, 2008

Excitement In The Air

I shouldn't be on the computer. Nor should I have stayed up til 2 am reading a book in my closet. As I type, "99 Red Balloons" the remixed techno version thumps from Craig's office and the dog yips in the back yard.

Picture if you will, the Beverly Hillbillies. You know how "they loaded up the truck and they moved to Beverly". That's us. We've loaded up the truck and we're moving to our cabin for the next 7 days. I wish I could show you what our car looks like. Bikes, clothes, a swimming pool, food, etc. with a dog hanging out the window. We're taking back roads because Craig can't see out any windows- it's so packed. But it's ok cause he's tall. If he holds his head out the window he can see pretty well.

Around the campfire tonight I'll beg Rob to let me use his phone with Internet. I'll check my sites and maybe update you with some fascinating Fairmount Camp Highlights. I'm praying that my parents surprise me and show up even though they said they couldn't come. Hint. Hint.

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